360MC // Artefact 3 // Context

As I created a vlog video, the context of this is how YouTube vloggers have become incredibly popular along with YouTube. The main demographic of people who watch vlogs are teenagers and young adults aged between 18 – 24, therefore I tried to cater to this demographic, as well as StarKid fans, by following the conventions and techniques of YouTube videos. After speaking to a friend who enjoys vlogging, I tried to follow the tips that she gave me that I have highlighted in my ‘primary & secondary research’ post, which helped with making my video fit in with other vloggers’ videos.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 20.29.29

Figure 1.


Figure 1. [online] available at < https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1715072?hl=en-GB > [1 December 2014]

360MC // Artefact 3 // Primary & Secondary Research

For this artefact, I wasn’t able to do much research. I tried to conduct some primary research by asking StarKid fans to participate in the video, however, didn’t get much luck.

I received one video from a StarKid fan: my best friend Hannah. She is a passionate fan and although I turned my video into a vlog, I still included her clip as I wanted to show them from another fan’s perspective.

Figure 1.

As my video is a vlog, I looked at other YouTubers and their techniques within their videos. After looking at various videos, I found that there were often techniques which were employed by many YouTubers and vloggers, such as cutting between shots in order to cut out unnecessary parts of their monologue and other moments. There also can be a lot of random speech to show humour and in order to make audiences laugh.

Figure 2.

I spoke to a friend who is a vlogger and she gave me a list of bulletpointed tips that would aid me with my video.

  • edit it to be quite jumpy – this is the youtube style these days
  • cut out erms and ahhs as much as possible – its annoying to listen to!
  • keep filming – helps you to flow better whilst talking, just edit out irrelevant bits
  • be fun! it’s more enjoyable to watch!
  • be passionate
  • sometimes include mess ups – they can be funny and entertaining

These tips aided me in the creation of my video.

Other than this, the video is of my own experiences and previous knowledge of StarKid, therefore I didn’t need to exclusively research anything for this artefact. I feel that my knowledge on the subject has aided me greatly in pursuing this FMP idea, as well as my overall passion, which may be helpful in me getting StarKid to agree to the film, if they’re interested.


Figure 1. [online] available from < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lWs8-_vmtk > [1 December 2014]

Figure 2. [online] available from < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7mV1N9jHY0 > [1 December 2014]

360MC // Artefact 3 // Process & Development

I’ve known for a long time that I would like to create a documentary about Team StarKid. They’re something that I’m very passionate about, they have a very large audience and they have an interesting back story of their rise to popularity. As I would perhaps like to do my FMP on them (if I logistically can do so ), I felt that it would be appropriate to create one of my artefacts to be about them.

At first, I was thinking of creating this artefact just using archive footage. I then felt that it wouldn’t have enough substance, nor did it speak enough about StarKid themselves as whole. I also want to use archive footage of them in my pitch and I wanted to do something a bit different.

I then thought about speaking to other StarKid fans as this is something that I would like to be featured in the documentary too, as fans have played a very important role in StarKid’s growth and popularity. I was going to use a mixture of archive footage and quotes from StarKid fans that I was going to gather via SurveyMonkey, as I often receive a lot of replies and I find that this is a very useful tool of gathering information like this.

Instead, I decided that I would use videos of StarKid fans instead as this felt a lot more personal and I would get a lot of information out of this. I sent a post out on Tumblr (and utilised the tagging system to grab peoples’ attention) in order to gather people who are fans. I asked people to just speak passionately about StarKid as that’s what I’m looking for: passion. I also included other requirements such as the videos being landscape, being around 30 seconds and spoken in English.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 17.35.49

I also wanted to feature in the video myself, therefore I recorded my own video to use at the beginning and the end of the video.

Once it reached the deadline to submit videos to me, I only received one video. After speaking to other fans who had initially shown interest, they had been to busy to create the videos, had felt too shy to speak on camera or weren’t too sure what to say. I felt that I should have given stricter guidelines in order to help people find inspiration as to what to say.

Instead, I decided to create a vlog about my own experiences as a StarKid fan. I wanted to make it personal as I myself am passionate about StarKid and what better way is there to show passionate fans?

Although I didn’t get to do any of my initial ideas, I’m pleased with how this has turned out.

360MC // Artefact 2 // Process & Development

During a conversation with another student on the course, we began to compare the game of chess to the concept of war. We found it interesting how there are two people controlling a board of figures, to protect, fight and defend. We saw these two ‘people’ as governments or countries, sending troops off to fight for them. We had a very long, intense discussion about it all; one point was how pawns are the first moved and are the first into the firing line. I thought that all of this would make an interesting artefact.

I searched for a chessboard and two people that can play chess and set them up with lighting to play. I recorded continuously as they played in order to get plenty of footage. The game ended in a stalemate, which I felt signified the way that war is fought on a battlefield, yet tends to be often settled between the two opposing sides after sending troops to battle for them and to risk their lives.

I then searched for archive footage in order to add to the sense of war; I wanted to specifically relate it to World War 1, due to it being the war’s centennial.  This was the first pieces of footage I found and I really liked them due to the wide selection shown.

Figure 1.

I then decided to develop my video by trying to make it look like the footage I’ve found. I made it black and white as well as using a grain on After Effects and other overlays. I felt that this made it more effective as a piece, due to showing an era that it is set in.

I originally wanted to cut between the chess board and the archive footage, however, once it came to editing, it didn’t work. The effect was too jarring, therefore I developed it into overlays and the effect is far better this way.


Figure 1. [online] available from < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYIwPu50Fic > [25 November 2014]

"Basically, I'm afraid of everything in life, except filmmaking." – Lars von Trier


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